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Camelia Rose Best Of

Thanks for voting, everyone – The next batch of results are out! If you missed it, be sure to check out the 2013 best Irish dance dressmakers as voted by the Irish dance community. If you haven’t voted yet, the polls are still open for accessories, shoes and everything else! Make sure your fashionable voice is heard.

On to the results!

1. Favorite Wig Brand

Camelia Rose Best Of

Camelia Rose takes the award for favorite wig brand! With a wide variety of wig styles that have been well beloved by scores of champion dancers, it’s no surprise that Camelia Rose took the crown. They’re so well loved that at the 2013 Boston Worlds, all female world champions were wearing Camelia Rose wigs. Quite the testimonial! A perennial major championship, Camelia Rose has become well known for their wigs, customer service and wide array of hair accessories. They also have a broad distribution network across the world to ensure that all dancers have access to their wigs and accessories.

For those in the US, the only authorized distributors are:

K’z Irish Curlz
Head for the World
Fab Rince Callahans
Irish Dance Outfitters
Shamrock Imports
Irish Wig Lady
Sean King
Sunday Best Irish Hair

2. Favorite Bun Wig

Best of Double Franceca

Double Francesca

Given the overall wig brand winner, it should come as no surprise that the favorite bun wig is from Camelia Rose. The Double Francesca takes it! It’s a beautiful, full curl bun wig perfect for an older dancer. There’s also a single Francesca for a younger dancer as well.

3. Favorite Full Wig

Best of Anna

Another winner from Camelia Rose for the favorite full wig category! The Anna wig is a wig that feels ubiquitous across Irish dance. It’s everywhere from beginning dancers to World Champions from Ireland to Japan. It comes in several different sizes to suit every dancer’s age and face shape, as well as personal style.

Brogan McCay, Michaela Hinds, Cyra Taylor, Melanie Valdez and Sinead Carson have all rocked the Anna long:

Anna Long

Anna Long 3

While Keeva Corry has sported the Anna Medium:

Anna Medium

The Anna has also been a popular style to transform into a ponytail as showed off by Lisa Murphy:

Anna Ponytail

Clearly a versatile choice of champions!

4. Favorite Natural Wig

In recent years, the natural look has gotten more and more popular, but we can’t deny the ease of wigs! Trying to pull off a perfect hairstyle all day from warm ups to awards can be a crowning achievement in itself. Luckily, wig makers have come to our rescue with a range of natural wigs. The favorite? It should sound like a broken record by now – Camelia Rose with the Sinead!

Best of Sinead


A very loose curled wig, it looks lovely on an older dancer. Camelia Rose also has a few other natural looking wigs in their Kathleen (favored by Olivia Griffin) and Robyn.

5. Favorite Wig Style

Out of curiosity, I also asked what was everyone’s favorite wig style.  Because it was interesting, here are the results:

Favorite Wig Style

Looks like while natural and alternative styles are gaining ground, full wigs and bun wigs are still neck and neck for the most popular styles. Looking forward to seeing how this changes over time!

Runner Ups

Favorite Wig Brands:

1. Emerald Key - Emerald Key is another very popular wig brand, especially in the US. In many “Best Of” categories, they were a close second to the winner. They offer a wide range of wigs to keep up with the latest trends and meet every dancer’s style. They’re another regular on the feis vendor scene and will be at the upcoming -Atlantic, Mid-America, Southern and Western Oireachtas. They’re well known for their Tori and Seaneen full wigs and their Maeve wig for teams. They also supply accessories and dresses.

2. Celtic Curls - Based in Florida, this US vendor is well known for classic wigs and bun wigs. They have a wide distribution network of feis vendors, so they’re very familiar to feis-goers. Many dancers sport a Celtic Curls wig for their first wig and develop a career-long relationship! Celtic Curls also supplies a wide line of accessories for everything from hair bows to clog charms and American Girl outfits.

Also nominated include:

Celtic Creations - Based in Belfast, this wig brand also has a brick and mortar shop that showcases all their goods. The Erin Wig is a classic in the Irish dance world – staying strong on the market for over 10 years. A tight ringlet wig will always be in fashion! They’ve recently introduce the Caitlyn and Danielle wigs for a looser, more modern look. They have all your Irish dance needs covered.

Youngblood Haircutters - Founded in 1995 by a licensed hairstylist, this US based company has always been on the leading edge of Irish dance wig design. Today, they have a wide range of wig styles and specialize in styling. Their facebook page has some great pictures of the style work they’ve done for clients at competitions. Very inspirational for your own look!

Melaine Murphy - Founded over 20 years ago, Melaine Murphy is another Irish dance classic. Their Sarah Gold wigs have always been popular and have recently been replaced by the Premium wig. They made waves a few years ago by introducing one of the first natural wigs with the Annabelle. They continue to develop new alternative wigs and offer a wide range of accessories to boot.

Favorite Bun Wigs:

1. Celtic Curls’ Alana


2. Celtic Creations’ Large Bun Wig

Celtic Creations Large Bun Wig

Also nominated include Emerald Key’s Orla, Feis Fayre’s Lucy, Youngblood’s Tessa, Melaine Murphy’s Venus, Camelia Rose’s Lucy, Youngblood’s Lexy, 4 Irish Dancer’s Siobhan

Favorite Full Wigs:

1. Emerald Key’s Seaneen

Emerald Key's Seaneen

2. Camelia Rose’s Katie

Camelia Rose Katie Long Wig

Also nominated include: Celtic Creations’ Aoife, Melaine Murphy’s Sarah Senior, Melaine Murphy’s Premium, Youngblood Haircutter’s Morgan II, 4 Irish Dancer’s Katie K, Emerald Key’s Tori, Emerald Key’s Ashline, Celtic Creations’ Caitlyn

Favorite Natural Wigs:

1. Celtic Curls’ Roisin

Celtic Curls Roisin Natural Look

2. Melanie Murphy’s Annabelle

Melanie Murphy Annabelle Natural

Also nominated include: Camelia Rose’s Kathleen, Melanie Murphy’s Matilda, 4 Irish Dancer’s Maeve, Celtic Curls’ Fiona

What do you think? Did your favorite win? Any other wig brands that you love? How do you style your hair for a feis?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers.


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